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Today we’re very excited to make a big step forward as a company at AlphaFlow. From our earliest days, our mission has been to give real estate investors the best experience possible. When we first launched last September, that meant providing investors with a consolidated dashboard so that they could finally track their entire portfolio in one place. As one of the founders of RealtyShares, I often heard about this challenge from our customers who loved us, but also had accounts in 5 to 10 other platforms and couldn’t keep track of all of their investments.

Fast forward 6 months, and we were also providing a place to see deals from the industry’s top platforms all in one place – the AlphaFlow Exchange. Many investors, including institutional investors, wanted something more passive though that allowed them to invest across the industry instead of with just one platform. To solve that, we launched the industry’s first multi-platform fund. You make one investment, and we build a portfolio for you (Fund 1 launched in February and after huge demand, we’ll be launching Fund 2 in a couple of weeks).

Our investors today are tracking almost $100 million of investments on AlphaFlow, and we’ve found we have an amazing group with fantastic insights on what would create a better investment experience for them. Two new features we’re excited to launch today with Fund That Flip are:

Simple Account Creation: Don’t have an account with Fund That Flip yet? We will seamlessly create one for you on the spot.
Direct Investing: We continually heard from investors who wanted to invest in deals across the industry without hopping from site to site. Beginning today, you can invest in Fund That Flip deals without leaving the AlphaFlow Exchange.
Note: We’re excited to launch today with an exclusive deal for AlphaFlow users (accredited investors only)!

We’ll be rolling these new features out with other platforms soon, making the investment experience better than ever.

I’ve known the Fund That Flip team for some time and we thoroughly dug in on both their company and their underwriting rules, and have found their real estate knowledge and processes to be incredible. They have a focus on residential debt in geographies they know very well. As we move later into the housing cycle, I think that type of specialization will lead to real benefits for investors around the industry.

I couldn’t be more excited about the industry today. We’re seeing success in firms like RealtyShares and Realty Mogul, both of which have wide mandates on asset classes and investment types. We’re also seeing the emergence of specialization with companies I really love like PeerStreet and LendingHome and Patch of Land (it says a lot when Jason Fritton can recruit someone with a track record like Paul Deitch from Oaktree to join as CEO), and of course, Fund That Flip. We’ll be writing a lot more in the coming months to help you all get to know the industry, and I hope to get to know as many of you as possible as we build an amazing investor community!

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