In early February we launched AlphaFlow Fund I live for investment, and it has been an incredibly exciting couple of weeks. We took just over 5 hours to cross $1 million in investments, and since then we’ve added family offices, hedge funds, and even a founder of one of the real estate crowdfunding platforms as Read More »

Yesterday we launched our first fund at AlphaFlow. It’s the industry’s first multi-platform real estate fund being offered to accredited investors, with a fairly straightforward mandate: give investors a way to invest in 1st lien residential debt opportunities across the industry with one single investment. We didn’t follow the typical marketing playbook, in which we Read More »

This week we launched AlphaFlow to bring transparency and insights to your peer-to-peer investments. Today’s investors are having an increasingly difficult time keeping up with portfolios that can often include 5-15 different platforms. Two years ago, I co-founded what is today one of the industry’s leading platforms. I had responsibility for making sure investors had Read More »

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