Our promise is truly passive real estate investing, and unprecedented diversification in the real estate loan asset class through AlphaFlow Optimized Portfolios. Throughout March and April, we delivered on our promise, and exceeded even our own expectations. We’re happy to say that as at the end of April, all investors with an AlphaFlow Optimized Portfolio were invested in at least 78 loans spread across 24 states! The portfolios are exceeding their targets with a blended net return of 9.04% and LTV of 70.95%, offering a strong return with an attractive equity cushion.

Geographic Diversification

Geography is one of the many elements of diversification offered by AlphaFlow Optimized Portfolios. The map below shows where loans are currently dispersed across the country. When invested, a client will see his or her own personal dashboard that includes a map of loans in the portfolio.

How Do We Build AlphaFlow Optimized Portfolios?

”‹”‹AlphaFlow AlphaFlow Optimized Portfolios target: returns of at least 7.5-9%; allocations of at least 75 unique investments spread across 15 or more states; and a maximum loan-to-value of 75%. AlphaFlow Optimized Portfolios Factors

With the express intention of making the experience of investing with AlphaFlow completely passive, once you have transferred funds, we do the rest. AlphaFlow portfolio managers select, rebalance, and manage your portfolio for you with the help of smart automation, algorithms and analytics. You receive monthly earnings right to your dashboard and accounts, which you access through the online portal.

”‹”‹Questions About Alphaflow Optimized Portfolios?

We recognize that AlphaFlow Optimized Portfolios are a unique way of investing in real estate loans, especially the high level of diversification and passive investment approach (to the investor). Many people are coming to us as existing investors on real estate crowdfunding platforms. Here are a few common questions we get, in addition to what is available on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Q: What is the minimum investment amount?

A: The minimum investment is $10,000. Given that your portfolio may be split across 100 individual loans, AlphaFlow targets a minimum value of $100 in each loan by the time each portfolio is optimized.

Q: Can I select my own investments?

A: AlphaFlow builds your Optimized Portfolio for you and does all of the work, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding, underwriting, and investing in each loan one by one. We’ve built a proprietary system to take that work off your shoulders. As a result though, investors today can’t choose their own investments.

Q: Is everyone invested in all the same loans?

A: AlphaFlow’s team is investing in loans we like around the industry on a daily basis. When you invest and we receive your capital, we allocate you slices of loans in which we have availability at the time. This changes on a daily basis, so depending on when you invest, you may have overlap with other customers but you’ll likely have a unique portfolio from most other AlphaFlow clients. All loans will fall within the same standards of underwriting.

Q: How does this compare to hand selecting loans on other real estate investment platforms?

A: On most platforms, investing in 6-12 loans often means a minimum investment of $30-60K. With AlphaFlow, you are automatically placed into 75-100 loans, all with a minimum investment of $10K.

Looking Ahead”‹

We’re continuing to add notes almost every day. With our current inventory of loans, new investors will now be placed into more than 70 loans within days of funding their accounts and quickly achieve tremendous diversification.

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