Dashboard Update

Updated Summary Section

We’ve updated our summary page to make it easier to see how your account is doing, by highlighting your total account value and your paid earnings. The “Total Account Value” graph makes it easier for you to see how your account’s value has changed over time, and the Portfolio Statistics summarizes your current allocations. Though the investment footprint is not a new feature of the AlphaFlow Optimized Portfolios dashboard, it is our clients’ favorite visualization tool! In a single shot, you can see where your loans are allocated across the country.

Portfolio Summary

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New Analytics Section

Our new analytics section provides you with more transparency into your investment.  We’ve added a new panel to summarize what states your notes are in, and added a section that shows the servicing status of the notes in your portfolio.

Missed payments are a fact of life investing in real estate. With many borrowers out swinging hammers and not at their computers, many perfectly healthy loans will miss some payments. This is why lenders don’t consider a loan in default until a borrower is 60 days late (delinquent) or more on a payment. Even then, it could be because they’re in the middle of selling or refinancing the property and are awaiting a payment before paying off all the back interest and the loan all at once.  Be assured, we’re always on top of our lenders to understand what’s going on with the loans in your portfolio, delinquent or otherwise!

Top States and Note Status

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With the introduction of our monthly statements, we made it easier to understand what happened in your portfolio each month.  The “Account Activity” section takes a step further, and gives you a summary of each month’s activity in a single place, showing all account inflows and outflows!

Monthly Activity Demo

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