We recently sent investors in AlphaFlow Fund 1 their first quarterly update, sharing both information on the Fund and our commentary on the market. We wanted to highlight a number of key points for all of our members:

May 2016

We are pleased to let you know that AlphaFlow Fund 1, LP (“Fund 1”) is now fully invested and earning returns. The Fund 1 portfolio now contains 77 loans with a weighted average return of 10.0% (net of AlphaFlow’s 1% AUM fee) and a weighted average LTV of 68.6%, with all loans secured by first liens on the underlying properties. The Fund 1 portfolio is invested across 5 different platforms, with investments in 20 states across the country. As such, the Fund 1 portfolio is currently more diversified than 98.5% of AlphaFlow portfolios of users invested in the real estate crowdfunding industry.

AlphaFlow Fund 1 ultimately invested across five real estate crowdfunding platforms after reviewing potential investments across eight different platforms. AlphaFlow may choose to work with additional platforms in the future, but at this point we found these five platforms to have the combination of underwriting processes, risk-adjusted returns, and procedures / performance in handling delinquencies / defaults that best fits our desired investment profile.

Platforms in AlphaFlow Fund 1:
Fund That Flip
Patch of Land

During the course of investing Fund 1, we experienced a shift in the riskiness of loans. We had the ability to invest Fund 1 much quicker if we simply looked for 10%+ investments with LTVs at 75% or below. However, we chose to forego many of these investment opportunities, as too often we were presented with inexperienced rehabbers (often doing their first project ever) undertaking significant construction plans in competitive markets.
Given the proliferation of platforms in the space, it’s not surprising that better borrowers who last year may have paid 11% or 12% interest for their loans are now paying 8% or 9%. Ultimately, today’s 12% borrower is rarely as creditworthy in our eyes as what we saw only one year ago, so we expect to see a measured increase in defaults across the industry.
Real estate prices are on an upswing, but there are questions as to its sustainability. One way to evaluate this risk is to measure the median home price in the U.S. vs median family income. As the chart below illustrates, we’re currently above the historical average (by ~1.5 standard deviations). Compared to the last bubble, we appear safe. In financial circles this situation is often referred to as an echo bubble. That is, a belief that we’re still in safe territory because of how much worse it was in 2006, and thus believing we’re still far from a bubble, even if we’re actually in a smaller one today.

How Prices Getting Carried Away

That said, interest rates today are significantly lower than during the last bubble (both in the U.S. and worldwide). As such, higher real estate prices still look more attractive than they did in the past. In addition, with interest rates so low around the world, we expect U.S. real estate prices to be supported by foreign capital looking for relatively safe asset-backed investment opportunities. Given all of these factors, we believe we are still 1.5-2.5 years away from the housing market peaking.
Moving forward into AlphaFlow Diversification Fund 2, LP, we plan to invest more capital in lower-rate loans that we are finding to be relatively attractive on a risk-adjusted basis. The supply of these is very strong, and they generally have borrowers with significantly more experience and allow us to invest more in what we find to be attractive geographies.

Our aggregate portfolio in AlphaFlow Fund 1 consists of 77 loans, all of which are secured by first liens.

Maturity Schedule


Delinquency Schedule


Below is the list of loans contained in AlphaFlow Fund 1.

Fund 1 Portfolio - 1


Fund 1 Portfolio - 2

This AlphaFlow Fund 1 Portfolio Fact Sheet and Market Analysis is a summary highlighting key points in the May 2016 AlphaFlow Fund 1 Quarterly Updated letter from AlphaFlow Fund 1, LLC (“Fund 1”) to its investors.
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