These days, PWAs are everywhere. Almost every large site you visit is running a PWA to some extent, and we all interact with them on a daily basis because they offer some incredible advantages. If that’s a surprise to you, or if you’re not quite sure if you should implement a PWA within your existing Read More »

When you first start learning functional programming you get all kinds of tools that challenge how you think about lists. You get things like foldl, foldr, map, and filter. Those things are really hard to stop using because they’re very concise and clear in the way they function. Let’s make a golang generator that gives us those four functions for any Read More »

What is a design system? Currently, in the tech and startup world design systems seem ubiquitous. To some designers, Google’s Material Design and Apple’s Human Interface Guideline are held in the highest regard as an example to emulate. Yet, design systems can find their roots much further back stemming from typeface and branding guidelines that Read More »

The engineering team is excited to announce the public alpha release of our new open-source library: resource. We expect many improvements to come to the library before a completely stable 1.x release, but this library, as-is, has been powering all three of our main frontends for the past two years. We’re excited to see how Read More »

Any professional software engineer has been through it, standing in front of a whiteboard reciting some algorithm you are supposed to have memorized that you have never once used for anything in your career. Performing well in traditional software interviews is clearly a different skill than software engineering itself. Talented engineers get rejected for silly Read More »

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