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Real estate crowdfunding has become a new tool for raising real estate investment funds.

It allows investors to “pool” their money together for a variety of real estate projects. These projects include single family homes, apartment buildings, commercial properties and even real estate development.

In addition, many real estate crowdfunding investments are structured like loans and the investor is paid a stated interest payment. Even though crowdfunding has become more common in recent days, investors often get confused on the tax treatment, which is certainly different from other forms of investments, like stocks and bonds. In this free eBook, we examine some of the tax issues that investors face in this growing industry.

Sneak Peak: Inside Tax Implications of
Real Estate Crowdfunding Table of Contents

What is Real Estate Crowdfunding?


How Are Deals Taxed?

  • Equity Deals
  • How Are Deals Taxed?
  • Debt Deals



What About State Taxes?


A Word About Unrelated Business Taxable Income (“UBIT”)

  • A Word About Unrelated Business Taxable Income (“UBIT”)
  • Unrelated Business Taxable Income
  • Unrelated Debt-Financed Income
  • How Does it Apply?
  • Tax Filing?

What About Foreign Investors?

  • Individual Ownership vs. Entity Ownership
  • Obtaining an ITIN
  • Tax Treaties


Tax Planning & Strategies


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