Our friend and industry colleague Joe Stampone recently put together a great eBook on his top 7 real estate crowdfunding platforms. While we were excited and honored to be included, we wanted to share Joe’s post and eBook because it’s a great 3rd party view on the industry. I’d encourage you to not only take a look at the eBook, but also follow Joe’s blog if you’re interested in learning more about real estate from a true industry insider. We’re excited to work with Joe more in the future!

Blog Post:
A few months ago I provided an overview of the various opportunities for real estate crowdfunding investors, however I didn’t dig into the specific platforms. In my latest eBook, I break down what I view as the top 7 real estate crowdfunding sites for investors. While there are 100’s of sites out there, the 7 I chose are established players, well-funded, operated by experienced real estate professionals, and sites I’d trust with my own money. This is by no means exhaustive, but a good starting point for any potential real estate investor.

Direct investing in cash flowing real estate should be part of any investors’ portfolio. However, a millennial who is an unaccredited investor with a few thousand dollars to invest has a much different investment objective than a high-net-worth individual who recently retired and has $1mm to invest.

Why I wrote this guide:

1. There are a lot of poorly run platforms funding risky deals and it’s impossible for the amateur real estate investor to identify the good ones.
2. There are several investment models and it’s challenging to determine which is right for you based on your investment objectives.
3. The space is evolving rapidly and there are new investment models that investors should be aware of.

In the guide, I break down each platform outlining what I like, my concerns, fees to investors, their underwriting process, and even fun facts.

There are 5 core investment models to choose from:

. . .
You can read the rest of Joe’s post and download his ebook HERE.

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Joe Stampone is the VP of Investments for Atlas Real Estate Partners. He also authors a popular blog, A Student of the Real Estate Game, a community of real estate professionals driven by a passion to be on the cutting edge and grow their careers through collaborative learning.

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