Finding ways to manage your tax burden as an investor is never an easy task. No matter how much you research or how much you strategize, you are likely to find the complexities of managing your tax burden an ever-shifting obligation. It gets more complex if your business involves real estate investments, and while Read More »

Real estate investments don’t work like any other form of investment business. They involve investing in physical properties at various stages of development. This distinction creates some unique opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors working in this industry. To get the most out of your investments, you need to understand how income from real estate investments Read More »

  Robo-investing and robo-advising have been around for a long time, just under different names like quantitative analysis and algorithm-based trading/investing used by hedge funds and investment banks. Now, these tools are available for all investors and the result is a huge increase in their popularity. As one of the fastest growing areas of fintech, Read More »

  If you are a real estate investor, you have no doubt heard about the benefits associated with crowdfunding real estate deals. It’s not hard to see how the system is setup to benefit investors and entrepreneurs. It provides easy access to investors who can provide the capital you need to make your next project Read More »

What’s the economic driver in your city? In San Francisco, it’s technology companies. In L.A., it’s the movie industry. In New Orleans, it’s the port. In Atlanta—don’t let all the Coca-Cola signs fool you—it’s real estate and it always has been. Atlanta, Georgia: Growth Engine Of The Southeast As a land-central city with no physical Read More »

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