The two parts of a fix-and-flip project that require funding are property acquisition and construction costs. Consequently, the construction draw process is a fundamental part of the project’s overall success and key to borrower happiness. The Importance of Property Inspections   When a borrower completes work on a project and is ready to receive a Read More »

The chief concern for lenders servicing an existing loan is to create a positive experience for the borrower. That begins at the application process, but it doesn’t end with the funding of the loan. In fact, the borrower experience doesn’t end until the loan is paid in full. The first thing to consider is the Read More »

  Crowdfunding means pooling money together from a group of people — the “crowd” — who have a common goal. There are 4 main types of crowdfunding: donation, reward, equity and debt. It can be financing a new project or business or even supporting someone who needs a medical treatment. Typically crowdfunding is done via Read More »

  Hard Money Lending has been around for as long as real estate investing has existed. In its earliest form, Hard Money Lending was just an individual asking someone they knew for money to complete a project. Over time, these individuals evolved into small lenders, pooling several investor’s capital. Not too long after, private equity Read More »

Monday brought a huge market downturn, with the Dow dropping a record 1,175 points. Tuesday morning didn’t look much better, with the market dropping an addition 567 points at the opening bell. Things calmed down as the day went on, with investors rallying to end the day up 567 points. With everything going on, I Read More »

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