Instant notifications
Loan comments system


Real-time loan status
Full visibility of 3rd party data


Calculated values and flag rules
Loan Sizer

Take a full control of your business

Fuse fragmented documents, data, and processes into a single platform. Submit and track your loans from initial review to sale to AlphaFlow, and to see the same detailed loan, property, and market characteristics we see when making underwriting decisions.

Instant Feedback

  • Real-time feedback – see if your loan fits our “credit box” via our proprietary Loan Sizer
  • Simplified interface to upload loan tapes and supporting collateral
  • One-click submissions for soft-approvals

Real Time Visibility

  • Credit insights on loans to complement your underwriting
  • Transparency into the status of loans being reviewed for purchase
  • More efficient way to communicate with your dedicated investment team
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