Earn up to 8-10% on Portfolios of Real Estate Loans

AlphaFlow Optimized Portfolio
AlphaFlow Optimized Portfolios target: returns of at least 8-10%; allocations of at least 75 unique investments spread across 15 or more states; and a maximum loan-to-value of 75%.
Experienced portfolio
Professional portfolio managers and proven investment algorithms build and manage your portfolio
Experienced portfolio
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The allocations here are presented for illustrative purposes only and no specific allocations or weighting are recommended. Investors should consult with their own legal, financial, and tax advisors.

The Missing Piece of Your Investment Portfolio

Your balanced investments may not include short-term, income-producing real estate loans. You can now add this attractive asset-class with AlphaFlow Optimized Portfolios. A truly passive, professionally managed investment that targets returns of up to 8-10%, paid monthly.

Veteran Credentials in the Online Real Estate Investment Space

Founded by technology, real estate and finance leaders who started Real Estate Crowdfunding, AlphaFlow brings the same institutional quality analytics and investment management best practices enjoyed by hedge funds and private investors, to mainstream investors. AlphaFlow closed on three portfolios in 2016, each of which delivered on our goal to provide investors with high yielding, broadly diversified real estate-backed loan portfolios.*

AlphaFlow is a registered investment advisor based in San Francisco, CA.

Recent AlphaFlow Portfolios

Blended Net Interest Rates

Portfolio I

Fully Invested May 2016


Portfolio II

Fully Invested September 2016


Portfolio III

Fully Invested December 2016


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