Guest Post: The Impact of Rising Rates on Real Estate Crowdfunding

  As of the printing of this article the Federal Reserve had raised its benchmark lending rate a quarter point. There is an additional two rate hikes projected by most analysts for 2017. While the increased rate hike is an indicator of a strengthening economy, what do higher interest rates augur for commercial real estate… Read more »


Introducing AlphaFlow Managed Portfolios

Today AlphaFlow is excited to launch a revolutionary investment platform unlike anything on the market. For the first time, investors can 100% passively invest in a diversified real estate portfolio at any time. It is ultimately a simpler, more intelligent way to invest in real estate. Real estate investing has evolved at a rapid pace… Read more »


September 2016 AlphaFlow Quarterly Investor Letter

  Please click HERE to download a PDF of this September 2016 Quarterly Investor Letter. “We don’t have to be smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest.” – Warren Buffett 2016 has been a tumultuous year for investors. Between volatility in the stock market and a dearth of fixed… Read more »


AlphaFlow Fund 1 Factsheet & Market Analysis

We recently sent investors in AlphaFlow Fund 1 their first quarterly update, sharing both information on the Fund and our commentary on the market. We wanted to highlight a number of key points for all of our members: May 2016 We are pleased to let you know that AlphaFlow Fund 1, LP (“Fund 1”) is now… Read more »


[Guest Post] Top 7 Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites for Investors

Our friend and industry colleague Joe Stampone recently put together a great eBook on who he sees as the top 7 real estate crowdfunding platforms. While we were excited and honored to be included, we wanted to share Joe’s post and eBook because it’s a great 3rd party view on the industry. I’d encourage you… Read more »