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Our Story

Formed in 2015, AlphaFlow is a California registered investment adviser based in San Francisco, California.

AlphaFlow is an asset manager focused on real estate loans. We work with alternative lenders, like Peer Street, Sharestates and Lendinghome, who provide 6 to 12 month loans on single-family home fix and flips. We review them, purchase the very best ones available, and build highly diversified portfolios that include 75 to 100 different loans spread across 15 to 25 states, targeting yields of 8 to 10 percent for our clients. Basically, we take the heavy lifting out of finding quality real estate loans so our clients can reap the benefits.

Our management team is made of up real estate, finance, and tech leaders including a founder of RealtyShares, one of the first key employees at LendingHome, and a hedge fund architect who structured multi-billion dollar products at BlackRock.

Our Team

  • Josh Beam

    Josh Beam

    Lead Engineer
  • Miles Deamer

    Miles Deamer

    Director of Investments
  • Doug Doan

    Doug Doan

    Head of Product
  • Nick Giovacchini

    Nick Giovacchini

    Director of Client Services
  • Nathan Scharfe

    Nathan Scharfe

    Director of Product Development
  • Ray Sturm

    Ray Sturm

  • Hanna Soskina

    Hanna Soskina

    Head of User Experience
  • Chris Woida

    Chris Woida

    Chief Investment Officer
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Our Mission

Make it easy to invest in previously inaccessible asset classes.

Core Values


Take Ownership

If we see a problem, we take ownership and fix it without waiting to be asked. We have conviction while being open to other perspectives.


Help, Learn & Support

When we speak, we speak to help others. When we listen, we listen to learn. We support each other and our clients. We help each other to learn, to grow and to be a happier people!


Do More with Less

We are endlessly resourceful. We are nimble & scrappy. We believe you can do more, faster with smaller groups. We are not above doing any job or task.


Transparency & Integrity

We honor our commitments to our clients and our colleagues. We are transparent and honest at all times.


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We’re all in this together! Let’s have fun.

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