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Easy Process

Simple and transparent application process designed to save you time.

Fast Approval

24 hr approval, less than 5 days to close. We buy loans 2 times per week.

Seasoned Team

Our management team is made up of former hard money lenders.

Loan Purpose & Property Types

Acquisition, Refinance, Cash Out Refinance, Fix & Flip, Fix & Rent, Bridge to Refinance.


Single Family Residential

Single Family

Multifamily Residential

Multi Family

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Credit Buy Box

Loan Amount
$75K to $10MM
Max term
36 months
Loan-to-Value (LTV) Maximum
As-is LTV: 85%
LTC: 90%
After Repaired LTV: 75%
Borrower’s Minimum FICO
1st lien
* Loans that fall outside the above credit box can be purchased based on Investment Committee approval on a case by case basis.

Recent Loans Purchased

Most loans are purchased in 5 days or less.
3 days
LocationHaiku, HI
Loan Amount$1,000,000
3 days
LocationBend, OR
Loan Amount$980,000
5 days
LocationNew Orleans, LA
Loan Amount$674,405

AlphaFlow’s Institutional Loan Buying Program is designed to make the loan sale process easy.

AlphaFlow Lending Areas

We are available in all 50 States.
Thank you for helping us grow. I can’t express how pleasant and helpful it’s been working with AlphaFlow team. It’s got to the point it’s almost seamless between the underwriting process all the way to funding day.
Joacim M.
Once again, it was breeze working with you guys on another funding!
Rachelle D.
This is pretty amazing! Your platform allows me to see which loans you have currently under review, the valuation, what you’ve purchased and what you’ve rejected and why.
Lesley B.

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