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AlphaFlow Optimized Portfolios are a fixed income alternative investment with low correlation to the stock and bond markets. AlphaFlow Optimized Portfolios target returns of at least 8-10%; allocations of at least 75 unique investments spread across 15 or more states; and a maximum loan-to-value of 75%. It’s a simple and passive way to include passive income-producing real estate loans in your investment portfolio.

*The allocations here are presented for illustrative purposes only and no specific allocations or weighting are recommended. Investors should consult with their own legal, financial, and tax advisors.

Why Invest In AlphaFlow Optimized Portfolios?

Generate Income
AlphaFlow investments may provide a steady stream of income to help supplement your current income, fund your next startup, fund your retirement, or fund your next adventure.
Provide Stability
Real estate has a low, and in some cases, negative, correlation with other major asset classes. Until now, this asset class has not been this easy to access, since it is usually only available through private investment channels.
Save Time
We know that picking loans one-by-one can take a lot of time (particularly if you’re doing your homework on each loan like we do). We make investing into real estate loans a truly passive experience.
Minimize Risk
We take steps to minimize risk by actively investing your funds across 75-100 loans with conservative LTVs, backed by real assets, in 15 or more states.

How Does Investing With AlphaFlow Work?


You open and fund your account in minutes. We take it from there.


We build and manage your diversified personal real estate loan portfolio.


We automatically rebalance your portfolio to keep it diversified.


Auto-withdraw or auto-reinvest your monthly earnings.
We are committed with keeping your data safe. We use the same 128-bit encryption and security that banks use.